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This book opens with traditional folktales from the Panchatantra, the Hitopadesha, and the Katha-Sarit-Sagara (“Story-Stream-Ocean”), plus Jataka tales of the Buddha’s past lives. You will also find stories of the Indian gods and goddesses, plus parables from Ramakrishna, who was both a sadhu (holy man) and storyteller. The book closes with anecdotes about the legendary jesters Tenalirama from the court of Krishnadevaraya in southern India and Birbal from the court of Akbar in the north. The two hundred stories in this book represent only a tiny fraction of the Indian storytelling tradition. To read more stories from India, visit:

The paragraph you just read about this book is exactly one hundred words long, as is this paragraph, and that’s also the length of each story in this book. The stories go fast, but you can slow down when you find one you like. Read it again. Let it sink in. Maybe even write your own version of the story, using your imagination to add more details. Meanwhile, if you don’t like a story, don’t get bogged down; just move on to the next one. There are more 100-word stories from India, plus stories from other cultural traditions, at:


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